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Bidragon Resins Co., Ltd. is a major national ion exchange resin manufacturer and a member of Chinese Resin Industry Councile. It is one of the first in the industry certified with ISO 9001 Quality Control System, a Quality Inspection Exempt Company certified by State Administration of Quality & Technical Supervision, one of Top 10 Reliable Products listed in the national supervision and test, a Certified Exporter, a Shanghai High-tech Enterprise and one of the first resin supplier appointed by Ministry of Chemical Industry, Ministry of Electric Power and Sinopec. Bidragon Resion Institute, based on the existing resins of strong acid, strong alkali, weak acid and weak base, has developed the special adsorbent resins, food and medicine resins, blood cleansing resin, precious metal recovery resin, nucleonic grade resin, etc., which are applied in many fields; and JD401 and JD 404 macroporous resins for two-stage vanadium extraction and other types of resins, widely used in the vanadium product makers, contributing to lowering the production costs, improving the recovery ratio and brining forth high economic benefits to the enterprises.
Bidragon Resins Co., Ltd. Shall always take the customer requirements as top priority and give full pay to the meticulous and practical working attitude, and provide the quality products and services to customers. Any interested party from home and abroad is welcome for communicationand cooperation with us in scientific research, new product development and trade.